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As a current Keizer/Salem parent I am committed to bettering my community. As a graduate of McKay High School, and a current parent of a Keizer area Junior, 7th grader and 5th grader I am invested in the daily needs and opportunities our students face and deserve. As an active community volunteer, I feel the present need for support.

I want to bring the voice of my fellow parents and our current educators to the forefront, highlight their challenges and work towards solutions; and shout their successes and praise a community committed to every child’s successes.


More Classroom Control for Teachers

We need to allow our educators the opportunity to guide their students in their classrooms as the individuals they are. No more “one size fits all” structures. Teachers are the greatest advocates for their personal styles and approaches to engage students to success.

Use Local Resources to Enhance Opportunities

Keizer and Salem are communities that want to invest in their future. Engaging students with more real life opportunities will create an environment they can have greater ownership over, ownership builds pride and loyalty; two values necessary to be a successful adult.

Present Leadership

Keizer needs a leader who is present, active and engaged. Our community deserves to have a voice at the table. A voice that appreciates the current challenges and successes of being a parent and student in our current educational climate.


Elected Officials:
State Representative Bill Post
Keizer Mayor, Cathy Clark
Keizer City Councilor Dan Kohler
Keizer City Councilor Marlene Parsons
Keizer City Councilor Elizabeth Smith
Marion County Republicans
Polk County Republicans

Carol Biamont, Whiteaker MS Teacher
Scott Coburn, Whiteaker MS Teacher
Pat Curran, Whiteaker MS Counselor
James Decker, Whiteaker MS Teacher
Jacque Gorman-Walker, Whiteaker MS
Laura Reid, Keizer City Councilor & McNary Teacher
Kevin Vignery, Hammond Elementary
Shabry Vignery, Grant Elementary Teacher

Business Community:
Dalke Construction
Duncan Construction
Keizer Monthly
Copy Cats
Mommy & Maddi’s
Harvey Realty
Gamberetti’s Italian Restaurant
Elite Realty

McNary High School Students:
Jordyn Maret, 2018 Graduate
Amanda Patton, 2018 Graduate
Abbie McKenzie, McNary Senior
Gina Munguia, McNary Senior
Jesse Shore, 2018 Graduate
Wyatt Short, McNary Junior
Joel Night, McNary Junior
Hannah Williams, Salem Academy

Citizens & Parents:
Michelle & Ken Adame, Copy Cats
Jennifer Astorga, Salem Mom, J Jean Portraits
Linda Baker, Retire Keizer Teacher
Becky Bryant, McKay Booster President
Larry Dalke, Dalke Construction
Kathryn Davidson, Salem Mom
Jamie Dobrowolski, Project LTD
Rich & Shelly Duncan, Duncan Construction
Elizabeth Goff, Keizer Mom
Ranette Gonzalez
James Hutches, Keizer Dad
Krisstine Jacobsen, Elite Realty Group
Jeff Kuhns
Shawn Lapof, Keizer Resident
Matt Lawyer, Parent/Community Volunteer
Erika Martinez, McNary & West Salem HS Mom
Brian & April McVay
Bonnie Milletto
AJ Nash, Keizer Rotary President, Keizer dad
Hunter Newton, McKay Dad
Jana Rae O’Dell
Carlos Pineda, West Salem Dad, El Patron Mexican Grill
Tammy Ready
Fransesco Rosa, Keizer Dad
Nai Saechao, NE Salem Parent
Shannon Shore, Keizer Mom
Brandon Smith, Salem Parent
Wayne Thackery
Jonathan Thompson, Keizer Dad
Naomi Tillery
Jeremy Turner, J Turner Solutions
Dave Walery, Walery’s Pizza
Scott White, K’s Catering
Danny Wold, Keizer Dad
Kalynn Wright, K’s Catering
Wally Ybarra
Robert Zielinski Jr


If Danielle does as well as she has for the Chamber she will rock this position.

Bob Shackelford

Keizer Resident

I worked with Danielle several years ago on a project that provided a week-long leadership program at WOU for youth with disabilities. I was extremely impressed with Danielle! She is kind, strong, passionate, compassionate, energetic, easy to work with and very smart. Danielle will be an excellent addition to the Salem-Keizer School Board!

Trina Norman

Danielle has been a long-time active member of the community. She is very approachable and has accumulated more volunteering and giving back than most Kao Saephan

Salem Parent

Danielle has so much passion for this community! She will make a difference in the lives of our kids. She has the utmost integrity and is very driven to make this a better place to live. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to lead. Ranette Gonzalez

Of course she is darn great person!

Jeffrey Howard


What an amazing passionate beautiful educated and trustworthy woman for the job!!! Jana Rae O'Dell

Keizer Mom

Danielle is amazing and driven woman who will put kids first Phil Boyle

Danielle has the ability to see beyond today. She is very concerned about the long game and not afraid to stand up for what is the right thing to do. Because she is willing to put in the time to really understand tough issues she will be effective to help the schools be all they can for all students. I’m excited to endorse Danielle Bethell for School Board. It will be good to have Keizer Schools really represented. Daniel R Kohler

Keizer City Councilor

A very positive and inspiring woman who cares about our community and can get things done! Jordyn Maret

She works hard for kids like no other parent I know. Monumental work for new fields at 2 different schools. Volunteers on the spot to do anything to make kids successful. She would give ye board a passionate human perspective on what our kids need to be future ready. Jacque Gorham-Walker

Teacher, Whiteaker Middle School

Lucky us if Danielle is elected. Can’t think of a more well-suited person for this very important job. Jamie Dobrowolski

West Salem Mom

I have worked with Danielle Bethell for several years now and have found that she is not only one of the smartest persons in Keizer but is SO caring about her community, the kids, the schools and the businesses of Keizer. She personifies the “Spirit of Keizer” that so many talk about. I am thrilled and excited that she has decided to take this run for office. I fully endorse her for the school board position and encourage all in Keizer and in Salem to join me in voting for Danielle for Position 6 on the Salem-Keizer School Board. She is the real deal. As a mom, wife and businessperson, she’s shown she would be the best candidate for our school’s success in the future. Bill Post

State Representative, Keizer

Danielle’s exceptional track record of advocating on behalf of all children, their families, business and community makes her an exceptional choice for this position. I recommend Danielle Bethell highly, knowing she will contribute greatly to the successful oversight provided by the Salem/Keizer School Board. Bonnie Milletto

Public Speaker

Danielle is a mother of two daughters who are currently in the Salem Keizer schools. She is very aware of some changes that need to be made and having her children in the schools further motivates her to make the changes happen. I believe she will provide a strong voice and is willing to not afraid to stand up for what she/we want to see happen in our schools for our kids. Consider checking her out and send her a message if you have a question as I am sure she would be happy to answer them. Go Danielle! Kevin Vignery

Hammond Elementary Teacher

I am excited that Danielle is running for this school board position. Her heart and her voice will benefit our community with energy she brings to the events and causes she believes in and it is obvious to me that this very important to her. Kyle Juran

Keizer Business Owner / Father

There is one thing I know for sure, Danielle Bethell is a doer! When she sets her mind on something you better believe it’s going to get done! I have had the honor of working next to Danielle for the past two years and have seen her do such great things in the community. I know she is going to do the same and more as part of the School board and the kids are for sure the winners! Erin Bennett


I have known and worked with Danielle Bethell on multiple projects and served with her in Keizer Rotary. A proud and supportive mother; a leader in our community, and a genuine lady; the school board would be lucky to have her on the board. I would stand behind her and endorse her for this position. David Smith

Keizer Resident

One with a voice for our children’s education!! VOTE for Danielle!! Kristin Saddler

Gubser Elementary Mom

Danielle Bethell has the right perspective for the Salem Keizer School Board Rich Duncan

Duncan Construction

I support Danielle Bethell for School Board, because as a parent of a general education and special education students, I see that she will go the extra mile to support all kids to their full potential. Patricia Tischer

McNary Mom

I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.

– Leo Rosten

Paid for by Friends of Danielle Bethell